The DERFLA principle

A sprinkle of these values is sure to provide 

A bright start to a brighter future!

Our values are best represented by the “DERFLA” principle………..which is to Deliver, Excellence, Reliability, Flexibility, Love and Affection in all that we say and do.


  • Delivery:  is about role modelling, how we respectfully engage and interact with children, families, staff, our community, and the environment


  • Excellence:  a mindset, is having the confidence to challenge ourselves to be the best we can be, success is actually realised each time we challenge ourselves


  • Reliability: is about dependability and forming trusting relationships, which is  essential for any family, community and society to effectively function


  • Flexibility: is understanding and accepting the need for change, which allows us to acknowledge the views and circumstances of othersLove: is about the genuine care for ourselves, others, the environment and our planet.


  • Love: the strongest emotion which can motivate us to overcome fear and inspire us to pursue great feats


  • Affection: is acceptance, a feeling of belonging and provides a sense of security which encourages exploration and effective risk management

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