Mr Alf, your post made me really emotional. Your love for “your kids, your class” goes beyond what is expected from a teacher, an educator, it’s amazing. 


Your love for them brings guilt to me as a parent because your genuine eagerness to spend what time you have left with them by doing the little extra things like drawing, reading them an extra story and sharing your childhood stories, are the things that I as a parent should also strive to do daily. 


Thank you for reminding me. We’re blessed to have had you play a pivotal role in the lives of our children (Yves, Aubrey and Levi) (also Mia who loves you guys) whom we entrusted in your care because God revealed to me through SK how amazing His great plan is for us. I know that it was according to His will that we found SK to be our choice of Childcare for our family but it is evident in your words and more so through your actions, that you go beyond just babysitting our kids or just ticking boxes while you educate our kids, you give them your all. Your staff, your facilities, your practices and policies all work in perfect harmony and that is a reflection of you and your passion for what you do. 


I want to affirm you that you are where you are meant to be because our children’s lives are richer for the years that they shared with you and I know it’s the same for all the kids that have come and gone and will be the same for the lucky kids who have yet to come. 


I don’t know now if this message makes much sense or if it’s just jibber but know that I am truly thankful and grateful to you and the SK family for being amazing. 


My words are not enough, will never be enough or will ever do justice to what gratitude I feel in my heart at this moment. But thank you, thank you and thank you. 


I can’t believe that it’s going to come to an end soon and a new chapter will begin for us and our kids but for the times we shared, once again, thank you! We are truly blessed. 


I’m sure Rhia feels the same as I do when I say, I’m sad knowing that we’re going to be leaving family (you and the entire staff) behind. We love you all. 


God bless always.