Young children learn best when staff and families work in partnership 

Open communication between families and our staff is vital for the partnership to be strong, meaningful and successful. That’s why we encourage families to contact or visit the centre at any time.


More formal feedback on a child’s progress and development is provided throughout the year by appointment.


You can become more closely involved by:

  • Attending parent meetings


  • Joining the centre's parent advisory committee


  • Participate in the National Quality Standards Assessment and Rating process


  • Attending special occasions such as open days and end of year celebrations


  • Participating in the program


  • Assisting in practical ways (eg, fundraising and maintenance); and


  • Providing feedback to the centre staff


We believe that children learn best when they are supported and encouraged by their family and the wider community.


We encourage the involvement of parents and families within our centre and provide many opportunities to offer feedback, assistance and practical hands-on support.


All Sunshine Kindy parents are also encouraged to become active members and have a voice at our quarterly meetings where we formally review and discuss the services plans and initiatives or through their daily interactions  with staff and management.


Each centre's curriculum is carefully developed by centre staff in close consultation with families. We also seek a parent or carer’s input in the development of a program specific to their child's needs, interests and developmental level. Our programs are designed to help children learn to solve problems, understand the consequences of their behaviour and to learn to talk about and negotiate solutions. This guidance is always given in ways which are nurturing, appropriate to a child's age and development and which, above all, make a positive contribution to each child's self-esteem.

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