The National Quality Framework is the most major, single reform to occur in early childhood education across Australia for many decades. It gives significant recognition to the importance of the quality of experiences for children in their early years to ensure their present and future health, development and wellbeing.


Sunshine Kindy has long had a commitment to the provision of high quality early childhood education and care, wholly supports these quality improvements. We know they will provide positive outcomes for Australian children, and as an organisation we are well under way with preparations for implementing many of these requirements.


By understanding the changes that are happening within the early childhood education sector, and the often confusing terminology, we believe that families will be better positioned to make an informed assessment of the quality of the early childhood service they choose for their child.



Understanding Quality Booklet


  • The 'Understanding Quality in Early Childhood Education' booklet is designed to help families gain a better understanding of each of the quality areas in the National Quality Standards, while providing some practical ideas on what to look for, and what to ask when visiting or selecting an early childhood service for your child.


  • We hope you find this booklet useful and we look forward to meeting you at our high quality early childhood education services soon.


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