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Wk22 - 3rd to 7th June 2019

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Dear Family and friends,

Welcome to our weekly summary for week 22.

During this week the children were introduced to Auslan, the official sign language used in Australia. To assist the children learn a few signs, music and song was the method used. Miss Natalie taught the children, “sing a rainbow” to help learn signs for a few colours. To consolidate our learning and assist make it relatable, the children drew rainbows. Thanks Miss Nat and well done Butterflies.

The Butterflies also commenced presenting in front of their class. They were asked to pick their favourite activity and share with the class why it’s their favourite. Excellent start guys, well done!!

The also practiced solving a maze, enjoyed colouring in, playing musical chairs and dancing the Conga.

As a part of our STEM program, we added a little competition. The children had to form pairs, then had one minute to build the tallest Lego tower. The children used a ruler to help determine the tallest tower learning to read the numbers along the ruler. So our numeracy goal is to now count to 30. Excellent team work guys, and a few very impressive structures.

The children’s physical development is thriving by continuously challenging themselves enhancing their Gross Motor skills and capabilities. We had the stepping stones out and the favourites to offer opportunities for continued physical growth. Risk takers and problem solvers are still looking for ways to complicate the standard use of the equipment. As a result, we find children on the monkey bars, hanging upside down, two children squeezed into a barrel, ad for the very first time a child has overcome fears to enjoy the slippery dip and the FLYING FOX finally in action!!

There is nothing more rewarding for me than to witness children overcome their fears and tenaciously pursue what seems to be impossible making it possible and a reality for them. This can only be done by providing the children an environment where they feel safe and encouraged to pursue the cause and love the journey to reach that summit to then look for a new and higher summit. I’m so so proud of their collective achievement and we are only half way through the year!!

The children enjoyed problem solving, constructing using a number of different resources. The most popular for the week were Mobilo, Magnetic Shapes, Plastic Cups, Train Tracks and Lego.

Our analysts enjoyed coloured button sorting whilst our creative children enjoyed creating jewellery by threading beads, a variety of products by shaping playdough and creating inspiring illustrations using the wooden shapes, nails and hammer (Tap-Tap resource)

The children also helped Miss Nat rescue a bug, finding it a new home in one of our pot plants and working on our recycling and waste management knowledge.

For our social butterflies they enjoyed their prosocial play using puppets, dolls and our farm animal-based learning environments. We also had a special visit from an up and coming chef to give Miss Nat a hand prepare lunch.

Musical chairs, quickly becoming a popular children choice, was offered to reward the children for their excellent work throughout the week.

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