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WK20, 20th to 24th May 2019

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

Welcome to our summary of week 20.

During our group times throughout the week we continue to revise our letters, build on learning our numbers and shapes. We continue to build on our writing skills tracing letters of the alphabet, numbers and shapes. They enjoyed a special visit from Miss Natalie to read them a story, which was a treat.

Dolls and Doll Houses, whether indoors or outdoors are still of interest and provide the children with an excellent environment for prosocial play promoting language and social development.

Children become more confident and develop a stronger sense of identity through construction play. Encouraging STEM learning through from problem solving, Mobilo, Lego and Block (both small wooden and large plastic) play promotes creativity, imagination, perseverance and the development of language and social skills.

Train Track design and construction is proving to be quite a popular activity. The children enjoy design the track around the constraint of their environment extending on their developing problem-solving skills.

The medieval town has a tendency of channelling the children to think of Princesses, dinosaurs and dragons. It may have to do with the Castles or turrets ….. the children are obviously transferring what they have seen or heard in a book or movie to their play. The transference of knowledge is a key skill as it provides familiarity and confidence.

We were lucky to be able to help Aaliyah celebrate her 5th Birthday. Hope you enjoyed your special day Aaliyah and had a very happy birthday.

The children enjoyed making their own sandwiches. Practicing their table manners as they share the bowls of food with their friends. They are also increasing their awareness of the foods they can and can’t eat whether it is for cultural, religious and medical reasons

We had a special visitor, a Speech Therapist. The children displayed respectful and polite participating in the various activities and conversations had. The children where so well behaved and engaging. I was so proud of you Butterflies, well done.

The children enjoyed playing on the slippery dip, rope climbing wall and rock-climbing wall. For a little extra fun, they devised the barrel roll, not for the faint hearted or a queasy stomach. The game required a child to crawl into the barrel and then to be rolled by a willing person. The children worked out who does what and how and the all-important, when to STOP.

A few children sitting together formulated their own ball passing game. They were able to sort out the seating logistics and the passing sequence to ensure they all had a turn of receiving and passing the ball. Excellent display of collaboration, negotiation and inclusivity.

Our Dinosaur board game is still the most popular board game voted by the butterflies. The children are developing their language and social skills as they play collaboratively. Extending the knowledge of numbers and counting as they recognise the number of dots on the dice and learn to move their token that number of places. There are always willing and able peers to monitor the count accuracy.

The children enjoyed their cooking experience in the sandpit. Using the buckets to make sandcastles extending from their medieval city play.

The children are continuing to refine their colour sorting and jewellery making skills. A few of our philologists preferred sorting the magnetic alphabet on the whiteboard.

Our artists like to finish their day by creating posters. Filling in every available bit of clear real estate with their inspiring art. The children find the experience calming and rewarding appreciating their talent and sharing their workspace with any other peer who may be joining the experience a little late. Great sharing guys and love the “Art Nouveau”.

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