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Wk19, 13th to 17th May 2019

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

Dear Family and Friends,

We have arrived to our final two letters of the alphabet Y and Z. As per the previous weeks the children are learning to recognise the letters, understand their phonics and learn new words beginning with these letters as they continue to expand their vocabulary.

We then practice our writing by tracing these letters and other letters as a part of our continuous revision.

We will shortly be transitioning to numbers, shapes and science-based topics during the 2nd half of the year as well as learning our lowercase letters.

Children enjoy role modelling their teachers. This week they enjoyed playing the role of teacher and student, conducting their own group time as they attempt to revise the alphabet with their peers.

Our building and construction enthusiasts are still enjoying activities such as Konnect Stix, Lego and Mobilo. There is a fundamental difference noted in how the children engage in their play. As their language, negotiation and ability to self-regulate improves, they are now able to increasingly jointly construct and build. As seen, the children were now collaboratively building cities and building together.

The children are starting to comprehend the concept of sorting by group items by specific characteristic whether its shape of buttons or colour of bears.

The dolls and doll house continue to help the children make sense of their world and learn about the world around them by sharing their experiences and learning of their colleagues’ experiences. The children learn tolerance, respect and inclusivity.

Our puppets made a pleasant appearance providing the children with endless opportunities to develop and extend their expressive language mastering the art of conversation through creative play.

The sandpit provided the children with countless opportunities to dig and search for treasure and an opportunity for siblings to share a moment during their busy routines.

We are so thrilled to see the children still engaged and willing to challenge themselves and promote physical movement by participating in our outdoor play equipment. To wrap up our week, the children enjoyed performing on stage for their peers and teachers whilst others took to having a musical jam session……so many talented musicians.

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