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Wk18, 6th to 10th May 2019

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

Dear Parents and Friends,

Welcome to our weekly overview for week 18.

We are continuing to work through the alphabet and so excited as we are rapidly approaching the end of our letters. Our focus for this week were the letters V, W and X working through our letter land stores learning to recognise the letters, their phonics and words beginning with these letters as we continue to build on our ever-expanding vocabulary.

We are also continuing to trace our letters of the week as we build on and improve our writing skills.

As mother day was approaching, our weekly reading material revolved around mums, grandmothers and aunts.

Our main craft for the week was the creation of flowers for our Mother’s Day gift. This craft activity helped further develop the children’s scissor holding and paper cutting technique. Our painting required the use of cotton tips and fine delicate application to the petals as to not damage them. The children did a fantastic job mastering the various discipline to produce their amazing gift for mum. We hope you enjoy them.

The most enjoyable meal of the week was the messiest meal….pasta. Can you tell we have a reward program in place promoting eating, whilst trying to retain a clean table, floor and face….it’s still a work in progress for some.

Our pick of the activities enjoyed this week were Lego, Konnect Stix, Mobilo, Dolls and Doll Houses and our Medieval Village just to name a few.

Our usual outdoor favourites climbing apparatus engaged the children, but the slippery dip had more of an attraction this week. The children preferred climbing up the face of the slippery dip instead of using the usual cargo net, rock wall or rope climbing access points. Still the children were able to extend on the development of their core strength, balance and coordination.

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