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Wk15, 15th to 19th April 2019

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

Our focus for this week's group time was the continuation of our literacy development program concentrating on the letters S, T and U. Many stories read and visual aids used to assist us learn what the letters look like, sound and examples of words beginning with these letters. The children always enjoy our discussion and challenging themselves recall as many words they can when trying to collectively list all the words hey have learnt throughout the week. It is obvious which children are sharing with their family what they are learning as they are often listing new words which we haven’t discussed in class. Well done parents, your involvement shows.

We practiced writing the letters of the week and drawing pictures of words which begin with that letter. We are transitioning to providing verbal instructions minimising to demonstrate tasks as we focus on developing the children’s receptive communication skills, comprehension and agency.

As the children continue to develop their cognitive and physical skills, they make choices based on interest and challenge. The more interested they are in an activity and challenged by skills required, the longer they will engage in that activity. If the interest and challenge isn’t present, they will quickly become bored with the activity. An increasing part of our program is being shaped by the children’s interest and their choices. This week’s favourite activities revolved around Lego, Konnect Stix, Mobilo and Dolls.

The children enjoyed making their Easter Craft, which was a multidisciplinary process requiring completing several smaller tasks to make our final product, which was a decretive Easter Nest, full of long grass strips to cushion our delicate fragile eggs. The children experienced designing the artwork for their basket, drawing and colouring in the artwork on smooth and corrugated surfaces learning the different application methods required for the two surfaces, cutting firm cardboard and challenging soft napkins which proved more challenging than the cardboard, folding and stabling the cardboard plate to shape the nest. The children starting to learn the importance of following a sequence of steps and listening to instruction…..a number of attempts were had prior to creating our final finished product. But what a sense of achievement when we were done….so proud. Well done Butterflies!!

Despite all the fun activities we had this week, when the children were asked to name the best activity for the week, it was unanamous......Easter Egg Hunt!!

Happy Easter, enjoy your long weekend and for those travelling, be safe!!

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