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Wk12, the week that was 25th to 29th March 2019

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

Dear Family and Friends,

Welcome to our weekly highlight summary for week 12.

During our Group Time this week, we continue our learning of the alphabet. Focusing on the letter of the week, the phonics of that letter and extending our vocabulary by recalling words starting with that letter and learning new words. Listening to our “Letter Land” stories helps our familiarisation with the letters we are learning. The challenge is with what accuracy can we recall what we have learnt in an hour, the following day, the following week etc etc. Hence, we always try to review a letter we have previously learnt as we exercise our memory recall skills and ability.

Our writing exercises revolved around pattern recognition and control. One of the children’s favourite writing activities this week was following a pattern by staying in between two guiding lines. So many impressive results. Well done!

Our growing children are becoming quite confident around our outdoor play equipment overcoming most of the physical challenges they present. The children’s strength is certainly building as they are starting to now move through the various stations we ease. But still the Flying Fox remains untamed and taunting the children to be conquered. Who will be the first to master the flying fox?

Our musical children are still requesting music throughout the day so they can continue to refine their dance routines. Our more animated dancers are quickly learning and appreciating spatial awareness as they ensure there is room for them and their friends when dancing. We even created a stage for our performers who believe they are ready for the “big stage”.

Plenty was on offer throughout the week to cognitively challenge the children.

Our engineering department had numerous projects to design and construct. We had engineers on site constructing with Lego. A few of the sites were indoors and others were outside exposed to the elements. Many challenges had to be overcome to complete these projects such as prioritising and sharing of resources. Negotiating for that all-important piece preventing the project from failing.

A few of our engineers where excavating as they were trying to complete their infrastructure work to budget and on time. Despite all that sand, they somehow managed to get their tunnel system in place. A few of our visual engineers thought the odd sand castle here or there may soften the final project, which was a nice touch I thought. I sure I know which team I’d prefer design and build our WestConnex projects in future!!

Transport NSW were also busy engaging Sydney Trains to design and build our new railway system. Tremendous teamwork was on display as the engineers discussed requirements and worked collectively to build a rail system which can be enjoyed by many.

We were lucky to have a few medical interns this week. They were developing beautiful bedside manners, demonstrating much empathy for their patients and some of the bandaging witnessed was quite impressive. A few of the uniforms appear to be poorly designed, making it difficult to put on and take off, but were of no real challenge for our interns. Miss Elena was on hand to provide a demonstration when required.

A few of our children enjoying making jewellery by threading. Some children preferred to create art work using shapes, pins and hammers. Others decided to unwind by practicing writing their names and the letters of the alphabet on paper or simply draw using the chalkboard. No matter the activity of choice, it was a great way to relax and practice what we have been learning, building on our memory recall and further extending our fine motor skills and creative expression.

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