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Wk5, the week that was 4th to 8th February 2019

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

During this week we discussed and explored the responsibilities associated with owning a pet at group time. As our pets can't look after themselves, they rely on us, their owners to look after them. To help the children understand and identify these responsibilities the children were asked to list all the things their families do to help look after them and shaping this list into actions to use with their pets.

Even though we experienced a variety of craft activities throughout the week, two of the most popular expressive art activities comprised of a sticker collage, where the children where required to peel stickers which was a challenging task within itself and then use their imagination to create beautiful collage. The children exercised patience, tenacity, creativity as well as their fine motor skills participating in this activity. Fork painting challenged the children's initial schema of traditional painting methods. Once the children overcame this paradigm shift, they were able to embrace this new application methodology and allow their creative flare transform blank canvases into masterpieces. This activity is important to challenge traditional one dimensional views and present their a numerous ways to achieve an outcome as we extend and develop their lateral thinking.

Several stories where read during large and smaller group times as well as we nurture the children's appreciation for literature and language. Stories are essential for developing and building on the children's expressive and receptive language which are critical for productive and positive social interactions.

Throughout the week the children were able to showcase their knowledge of animals with Miss Linh, our car enthusiast's were able to exchange engineering ideas of what makes this car faster than that car making for some robust conversations ..... we have a few very strong debaters and negotiators are amongst us. For our problem solvers we had a variety of puzzles and matching activities to challenge the children's logic as they develop hypothesising skills. Our sandpit was the master chef hub this week, where we had busy children measuring, mixing, cooking and baking.....however we're sorry to report that we didn't witness any washing up!!

The Doll House's are always as the setup encourages numerous discussions about daily life and the roles and responsibilities they're acting out. This helps the children recall and relate to what is of intrinsic value to them they they continue to form their sense of self.

Our gone fishing activity helped extend our hand eye coordination as we continue to build on our ability to focus, concentrate and coordinate all the various muscles required to catch these illusive creatures. Its not easy slowing a swinging magnet attached to a string on the end of a rod and then positioning this magnet onto a metal stud in the middle of a fish.....but our talented children were able to master this activity.

It would not be possible to experience any week at SK without a construction activity for our avid property developers.

When outdoor, the children enjoyed the open spaces on offer and confronting the challenges presented by our climbing equipment as they continue to develop their gross motor skills and risk management which continually changes as their capabilities and abilities continue to develop. Thank you to all our amazing children who took up the challenge of restoring Uluru by cleaning the walls. Well done team, Uluru looks amazing.

As we continue to develop the children's agency we will try to provide children with the opportunity to extend on their self help skills. During morning tea the children were encouraged to to make their own food selection choices and serve them selves using tongs. The use of the tongs proved challenging for a few of the children, so the educators offered a little assistance when required.

Future Activities to further develop and extend on their current learning

Continue exploring the children's strengths, interests and developmental needs

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