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Wk4, the week that was 28th Jan to 1st Feb

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

The doll house's were setup during the week to encourage children's sense of identity through the participation of Dramatic play. Encouraging children to expand their understanding of the different roles and duties performed in families as they begin to understand the many different family dynamics displayed by their peers. Children enjoyed showing their cooking knowledge and the use of correct appliances ie microwave and stove. They're obviously pay attention in the kitchen at home and so glad to inform you they know not to touch the stove or anything on it as its very very hot!!

Our trucks and heavy earth moving equipment were out for all the children to enjoy and learn the best use of each specific truck. In addition to expanding their knowledge of excavation and the specific vehicles required and used, it is also important for the children feel comfortable participating in any activity of their choosing and interest, not allowing any bias due to gender restrict or determine from pursuing an interest.

The smaller ladder Lego was offered to challenge the Children fine motor skills and extend their hand eye coordination as they are required to connect two specific points to execute any for of construction. To build on their literacy and numeracy knowledge conversations tend to revolve around the number of pieces used and identifying their colours.

Our large threading activity was enjoyed throughout the week. This activity requires threading shoe like laces through a perforated board to help with the development of crucial dexterity required to dress yourself, write etc etc

It is also important to offer children an area where they can simply chill, unwind and relax. There is nothing quite like a good story help calm things down s we share a quiet moment with our friends as we discover plots, characters and use our imagination to predict what the author has planned to surprise us with on the following page. Often our imaginations are better than the authors, but if the author manages to surprise us, then we know we have found a great author!! Books are always available for children to freely access as we try to encourage a love for books.

As we continue growing, we need to challenge our larger muscles to help them grow, develop and become stronger. Our outdoor play equipment in the bark area provides endless opportunity for such physical development, but also an excellent platform to problem solve and develop our ability to consider and mitigate risk. Climbing the rockwall for example always requires careful planning and problem solving as the necessary skills develop to safely navigate up the rockwall.

To expand the children's knowledge of the various animal types, a prop is used to engage children in a game "so whats that animal" with their friends. the preschoolers are challenged by trying to identify their habitat.

Our sandpit offers a tactile oasis where children can transform a blank canvas into a rich engaging environment. The sandpit has transformed from a kitchen, baking cakes to a construction site requiring heavy excavation. Children start to develop an appreciation for science....why sand can be free flowing and by simply adding water sand changes state and structure and becoming a little more sold holding shape and form.

We continue to promote sun safe practices as we develop children's agency and independence by practicing the application of sunscreen. Even though most children still need assistance in ensuring the sunscreen is applied evenly, it is important they are given an opportunity to develop essential self help skills.

Mastering the monkey bar challenge seemed to be this weeks favoured apparatus. The children are becoming stronger and stronger with each passing day. It's pleasing to see the motivation which comes from a few initial setback. Well done guys, keep going and don't give up.

Art and craft is always available and this week saw the use of paint with a fine paint brush to continue building those crucial fine motor skills and where able to create drawing masterpieces using crayons to develop and build pressure recognition.

Children enjoyed letter guessing game. Mr Alf would write a letter on the chalkboard and the children would guess the letter and attempt to recall a word which starts with that letter.

It is important for children to respect their environment and our resources. To assist children learn how look after our resources they are given an opportunity to help washout our toy boxes and toys and helped Miss Elena fold the tea towels. Hope they help out at home too.

Future Activities to further develop and extend on their current learning

Continue to provide an environment setting which is relaxed and free flowing between indoor and outdoor environment to assist the children settle in. This is important as we want children with a natural disposition for indoor based activities to spend as much time as they need indoors to feel comfortable and the same applies to children with a natural outdoor disposition.

Start assessing the children's knowledge to establish a baseline which we will build from.

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