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Wk2, the week that was 14th to 18th January 2019

Updated: Jun 16, 2019

Due the warm weather, water play was planned for the week. The children enjoy water play, as it provides a relaxed and fun way to engage as they cool off in the summer heat running through and around a water sprinkler.

The water play activity, even though is a lot of fun for the children, it provides us with many teachable moments, such as:

-Sun Safety: The importance of wearing a hat, rashie and applying sunscreen to protect us from the Sun's damaging UV rays.

- Spacial awareness: Children start to develop an understanding of the need for space and the required SAFE space between us and our peers to avoid accidental bumps as we enjoy play.

- Effective Communication: Children start to develop an appreciation of the importance of being seen and heard so their peers know where they are at all times minimising the potential of avoidable accidents.

- Developing relationship skills: Through play in close proximity children start to foster friendships through play which can only be possible through emerging relationship skills.

- Provide a safe environment for the children to extend their expressive and receptive language through meaningful conversation during play.

- Develop gross motor skills as they carefully manoeuver to run, squat, climb and slide around the sprinkler safely.

Our large inclusive group time was used to teach children new songs and movements. The older children thrived on being the mentors for our toddlers and infants.

During the large group times the children are encouraged to decide where to sit. The only criteria was out of the sun's harmful UV rays (sunlight). The children were tasked to search for a shady area. But then if the children cant't ALL fit in the shade, they then need to search for another area where they can ALL fit. It didn't take the children long to figure out where the large shady areas were. This activity teaches the children to be sun smart and to extend on their problem solving skills as they hypothesise, predict and then validate their choices.

The new 2019 preschoolers were provided a number of opportunities throughout the week to spend time in their new class environment to explore their new surroundings. They were given opportunities to engage with the resources of their choosing in the room as they familiarise themselves with their new environment. Having the older preschoolers in the room helped instil confidence to explore in a relaxed setting.

A few of the children's interests were starting to emerge and were on display. Music and dance was certainly a standout!!

Future Activities to further develop and extend on their current learning

Continue to provide a relaxed and free flowing environment to assist the children explore and make new friendships as well as build on existing ones as they become comfortable and settle in. As children start to feel comfortable in their setting, they begin to freely share their interests and demonstrate their strengths and developmental needs as they become active participants.

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