Our educational strength

Sunshine Kindy staff work hard to create environments that are positive, supportive and enriching for every child. At Sunshine Kindy, children are viewed as individuals whilst learning to become part of a group. Employing play-based learning philosophies and practices our highly trained and qualified staff stimulate the children’s love of learning and provide them with opportunities to:


  • solve problems


  • think and act creatively


  • collaborate with others


  • socialise with children and adults


  • experiment and discover


  • develop confidence and respect for others


  • understand cause and effect


  • negotiate solutions; and


  • explore the concepts of literacy and numeracy... while having fun!


Since 1975, Sunshine Kindy has delivered early childhood programs for thousands of families and children.Our range of programs has continued to grow to meet the ever changing needs of children, families and the community, and includes programs as diverse as preschool education and care,, family programs and early language and literacy initiatives.


Each of our programs is based on the latest research and practice in early childhood education - an area that we continue to pursue and support through our involvement in research initiatives and our highly regarded Professional Development program.


The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia, which draws on conclusive international evidence of quality outcomes and best practice, guides and informs staff in their planning, programming and teaching of young children.


For more information on Sunshine Kindy’s play-based learning programs, download the Play, Learn & Grow brochure. 



What happens at Sunshine Kindy?


Whether a toddler or a preschooler, every aspect of a child’s physical, social and emotional development is nurtured, encouraged and enriched during his/her time with us.


For toddlers, the time in the sandpit or in the dress-up area may look like simple play to an adult. However, all our recreational programming is underpinned by the need to make every experience a meaningful part of your child's emotional, social and physical development.


Similarly, for those children approaching school age, we place a great emphasis on support programs which make the transition to school much smoother.

In everything we do we focus on building children’s self esteem through tailor-made programs that stimulate their love of learning.

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